Lawrence Drenk Speaks On Post Incarceration Syndrome Also Known As PICS

Blog Talk Radio/ Shedding Light: Leonna Abraham Brandao, Host; April 18th, 2020


Lawrence Drenk, a.k.a Sparky Lee, is back to speak on a topic, many in society rarely think about. Or may not be aware of. Lawrence will Speak On Post Incarceration Syndrome, also Known As PICS, a serious illness, deriving from years behind steel walls, doors and concrete floors. Especially, with no appropriate Psychological Treatment. Long-Term Sentencing is the very reason why, mass incarcerations in the U.S.  Many individuals cannot be confined to small cages for years without being effected. Additionally, there are many individuals who already suffer from claustrophobic symptoms, before even being sentenced to prison, an extreme fear of confined places. With these pre-existing problems, we can see why suicide rates are so high. Welcome Lawrence Drenk, to talk more on the issues and his experiences.

Please click on the link below to hear the blog talk.


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