TX Civ Commitment Center 2600 S. Sunset Ave., Littlefield, TX 79339 Expose 453 Words

By A TCCC Resident

The Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) and the contractor, Management & Trading Corporation (MTC) operating the Texas Civil Commitment Center (TCCC) have created a slave labor camp. From the day this facility opened, inmates have labored for much less than minimum wage and no taxes have been paid on that cheap labor. This has resulted in the loss of economic benefit to the very community this facility was built to employ. The Bill Clayton Detention Center was built to bring jobs to Littlefield and those jobs have been stolen by TCCO and TCCC. They create brother-in-law jobs and turn tax dollars into political profit. There is no difference in smuggling illegal aliens to work below minimum wage and to avoid paying taxes. They call this a thur4eutic work progunr, but not once has anyone noted it on treatment progress reports. In mandatory treatment, we’re working to use our treatment skills but it’s not being reported. It is however, being used to fill critical low skill labor positions at tax free, below

minimum labor wages! The little money is great for inmates that have had nothing for so many years and have no other means, but let’s face it, it is abuse. Just because we need the money doesn’t make the exploitation right. These good people charge inmates up to six times retail prices for commissary and the company store and no inmate has gotten a raise in the six years TCCC has been open. TCCO mrd MTC are the only real beneficiaries of our cheap labor. TCCO

require inmates to have $3,000 to $5,000 of this money to be released from the facility and it cannot be given by family, ard they collect 33% additional cost recovery fees on every dime earned or received, all without one merilion of our communication skills, problem solving skills, self management, coping skills, and a host of other treatment skills used in the therapeutic work program. In the same time of our impossible struggle for liberty, the TCCO Director, Marsha McLane received a staggering $207K (annual raise by Senator Whitmire, who fathered this corrupt scheme. We work without mention of treatment progress while every two years the good doctors who evaluate a non-existent and fake diagnosis declare us unfit to be released. It is a kidnapping and slave labor scan of the most disgusting kind against dehumanized assets on this therapeutic treadmill. We’re working for peanuts and going deeper in debt, while the profiteers live Iike fat-cats. At this rate, we’ll never get out.


  1. I will send this information to the Governor and President and Senator,make sure they are Aware… This will be Known…This is so True.Thank you for this information.


    1. Thank you for helping! We truly believe that a very big part of TCCO’s plan and why it continues to work is because they keep the men, their families, and the people of Texas uninformed. The more attention we can bring to this injustice, the more people we can make aware to help spread the correct information, the less power of intimidation TCCO will have.
      Please help us by telling friends and family about our website and petition.
      Thank you for comments.


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