Written by a Current TCCC Resident


The typical sex offender civil commitment story goes something like this:

I committed my crime prior to 1999, when the legislation created sex offender civil commitment. I was not informed that my criminal plea bargain would be used against me or qualify me for the indefinite confinement and supervision scheme. So, I was shocked when the state re-tried me for the very crimes I plead to and completed at the end of my sentence. But justice is coming. 

I’d heard about civil commitment, but I thought it was for the most dangerous and most violent sex offenders we see on the news. I’m not minimizing my offense, but I didn’t fit that profile. I was just a stupid immature man acting on selfish sexual gratification that resulted in criminal behavior. I haven’t met or seen the character this program was meant to deal with here. They were everywhere in prison, but prison releases about 2000 sex offenders a year into communities. All of these, including the worst of the worst assimilate back into families, neighborhoods, and jobs without fanfare. I think the selection process has more to do with the timing of bed space in the program than legitimate public safety. But justice is coming.

This greatly parallels to the history of lobotomies between 1920-1950. At its peak, they were “treating” 200 patients a day on an out-patient basis. 200 lobotomies a day in barber chairs with ice picks and mostly on children. Most of the doctors never interviewed the patients but moments, or at most an hour prior to the procedure. All of these were court ordered at the behest of a fad cure for aggression. 

Who and where are these great supporters of this atrocity now? They’re the same people now peddling SOCC. These hypocrites will one day be hiding under the rocks those lobotomists are. It’s so shameful that not even the families of those doctors, legislators, lawyers, and judges will claim their legacy. Not one name is remembered, and rightfully so. These people are the scum of humanity. It’ll take 20-30 years for the stain of sex offender civil commitment to fade after it is abolished. Senator Whitmire, Marsha McLane, and all their pawns like Dr. Edd, Dr. Woodrick and Dr. Arambula will be nothing more than an embarrassment to the state of Texas. 

Justice is coming.                                                                                                                                    

The U.S. Constitution has been tested many times through our history of villainous leaders. We no longer have lobotomies, prohibition, Tuskegee Experiments, and many other fad cures of the times. 

6 thoughts on “JUSTICE IS COMING

  1. This is so True, we need this Civil Commitment closed here in Texas ,we need to Remove that Senator Whitmire from that Seat,it seems that they are the click and needs to be Voted out.


    1. Thanks for your comment. The public has been sold lies about civil commitment to open TCCC in Littlefield. The outpatient program was successful in minimizing recidivism. Senator Whitmire has not told the truth!


  2. Now they are sending inmates to the Hightower where they are setting up the guys to a Civil Commitment program,to get the inmate prepare for Civil Commitment. This is new,now tdcj is using Hightower to get the inmates ready for Civil Commitment. They have a Deputy whom apparently is leading ,and as you call to speak to them,they hide. I have been calling them for 3 days,yet no answers. The people at Hightower do not give any answers,they say they don’t know.


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